Stock Ticker Applet missing?


I am brand new to this list, however, not new to Gnome or Unix/Linux. I have been in software development since 1965. Yes computers were BIG then.

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 LTS from an earlier release (6.06 LTS). In that release I found the Stock Ticker Applet and began using it, I liked it very much. Since the upgrade it has been missing... in reviewing the documentation for Gnome 2.22 I discovered that it is still included in the documentation; so I tried to add it to the panel only to discover that it is not included in the list of applets available to add.
I tried to use the package management tool to find it but, alas, it was not present there either. Where do I find the Stock Ticker Applet?

I have found and installed the Invest Applet, however, it is not quite what I would like.
I also, tried a package called Show Me the Money (not a Gnome Applet), but it again is not what I want.


Jay Ridgley
jridgley2 austin rr com
Registered Linux User ID - 9115

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