Re: Graphical windows auto-maximizing - annoying

Le Thu 29/05/2008 à 21:47 Calum Benson à écrit:
> On 29 May 2008, at 20:06, Todd N wrote:
> Sounds like a bug to me, doesn't do it here anyway (GNOME 2.22 on  
> Solaris).  You *are* supposed to be able to un-maximize a window by  
> dragging its titlebar away from the top of the screen, but I'm not  
> aware of the reverse ever having been implemented.
Well, the reverse happens for me, when a window that I dragged to
un-maximize it is dragged back to the top of the screen (without
releasing the mouse button).

But it doesn't happens directly with a window that was not maximized
before (GNOME 2.22 ArchLinux). Si I think this is a bug as well.

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