Re: How to debug Gnome (newbie question)?

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 6:35 PM, buyoppy <buyoppy yahoo co jp> wrote:
>  I'm using Debian etch. These days my Gnome windows
> frequently freeze when it is going to be closed. How can I
> let Gnome output error log to inspect what's happening? I
> couldn't find out any clue in Gnome guides.
>  Could you give my any advice?


You can find some debugging information in the file ~/.xsession-errors

In addition, if you run these programs from the terminal, you normally
get some extra messages.

If you want to start reporting bugs at it
is good to make sure you have a standard system (fresh installation or
installation with no invasive changes in the GNOME desktop). You can
find existing bug reports so you can see if some issues are already

For every GNOME application, you can run them with

file-roller --help

You will notice other options, such as "--sync", which helps when debugging.

You can also install the debugging support packages for the core GNOME
libraries, so that any stack traces you get, will have more precise
information, that will help to find the source or report to GNOME
For example, the GTK+ library comes from the libgtk2.0 package, and by
installing the "-dbg" version (here, libgtk2.0-0-dbg), your stack
traces will be more informational.

For more information see


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