GDM 2.22 : cannot define multiple login servers anymore?


After I upgraded my Fedora distro from 7 to 9, I got the new
Gnome GDM version (2.22), for which the gdmsetup is missing.
I found discussions, where people also complain about missing
this setup utility.

However, I couldn't find an answer to my problem:

Before I had GDM configured to produce 3 login screens on my PC
console, on vt7, vt8 and vt9, simply by having these lines in
/etc/gdm/custom.conf :

7=Standard vt7
8=Standard vt8
9=Standard vt9

I tried to add this manually to the file with version 2.22, but it
does not seem to work anymore.
Has anybody an idea how I can integrate this with GDM 2.22 ?

Thank you,


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