Re: Brian's response (and Unsubscribe)

On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 17:45 -0800, Clark Dunson wrote:
> Thank you for taking the time Brian.


> As an outside observer, I can see that you & Marco
> are sharing some tension.  Your remarks about
> competency, etc. while they may hold some element
> of truth are emotional and placed in anger,

I'm not angry.  I think Marco's original ranting and assertions about
Gnome ruining Linux are very ill placed and doing both Linux and Gnome a
huge disservice.  That makes me sad, not angry.  Sad that Gnome and
Linux are getting slammed, without reason, and sad that rather than
investing in the success of the project, that finger pointing is going

My suggestions about getting somebody competent involved were purely in
the interests of Linux and Gnome and most importantly, yourselves.  The
way Marco was ranting it was if a $10M deal was on the line.  If the
deal was that important, they surely a few hours of consulting was a
good investment.  That was my only point.

> but still
> OK we can deal.
> But calling ME a liar?!?

I called you a liar?


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