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On Thu, 2008-08-07 at 13:12 +0300, George Vlahavas wrote:
> Thanks Don and Shaun for your replies. :)
> My issues with yelp are rather with its backends. I haven't submitted
> a bug report because I'm not sure it's a bug with yelp directly. Maybe
> you can enlighten me about it.
> 1. Trying to use firefox/iceweasel as backend, I can't compile it
> because is missing. I think it was there in earlier
> firefox/iceweasel versions, but not anymore it seems.
> 2. It does compile against xulrunner, but it then segfaults everytime
> I try to access a docbook document. Probably a xulrunner problem
> because it used to work fine with older xulrunner versions. I'm now
> trying with xulrunner and
> 3. There is a in thunderbird/icedove, and I can
> force yelp to use that when compiling, but it crashes everytime I'm
> trying to launch yelp. I know, it's not supported, but I had to try.
> 4. There is a in seamonkey, but I don't want to make
> seamonkey a dependency for yelp, so it's not an option for me and I
> haven't even tried.

Welcome to the world of gecko ;)
1) If you are using firefox 3, I believe is now called
something slightly different.
2 and 3) I've never tried compiling against XULRunner or thunderbird
4) We dropped support for seamonkey a while ago.

Having said all that, what version of yelp are you using?  We only added
support for gecko 1.9 (firefox 3) in 2.23.1.  There are a couple of
issues we had to resolve to fix it properly.  One of them sounds like
your segfault on accessing docbook [1].

If you're willing to go all radical, there is a webkit backend to yelp
available in SVN [2], which you can try.  It now seems feature-complete
and ready to go.


> Thanks for any advice,
> George
> 2008/8/6 Don Scorgie <Don scorgie org>
>         On Tue, 2008-08-05 at 18:36 +0300, George Vlahavas wrote:
>         > Well... are there any drop-in replacements for yelp? I'm not
>         aware of
>         > any.
>         Well... why are you looking for a drop-in replacement for
>         yelp?  I don't
>         know any, but depending on what you want to do, there might be
>         a few
>         options.
>         For man pages, there is xman (and man in the terminal)
>         For info, there is info in the terminal
>         For DocBook (GNOME manuals), I don't really know any.
>         I'm still wondering why you want a replacement.  If there's a
>         problem with it,
>         have you filed a bug / asked about it?  Or is it missing
>         something you need?
>         Cheers
>         Don
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