ghost viewer 2.12.0 launching problem



 Dear all,


               I need the the ghost viewer ,installed the ghost viewer successfullly by configuring make and make install.

But diuring lauching the viewer by command….ie./ggv got some error message



root 10 1 11 14:/home/maphil/ghost/bin# ggv


(ggv:24062): GGV-WARNING **: Could not get GGV control: 'Failed to activate 'OAFIID:GNOME_GGV_Control''


(ggv:24062): GGV-WARNING **: Failed to create a new window.


(ggv:24062): GGV-WARNING **: No windows could be opened. Exiting...




PLEASE HELP ME …………….WHAT the exact reason for this  




Thanks & Regards

Maphil Philip


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