Nautilus Search doesn't work as expected.


I have already posted this question to the Distro support forum without any luck.

I am running Centos 5.0 with all current updates (Therefore 5.1 I assume) with the full gnome desktop and most options instlled. Nautilus reports as Version 2.16.2 I have never found that the Search function in Nautilus (ctrl F or button) works as I would expect. It will usually find a file in the current directory with a matching name - but will not find any files in subdirectories, unless they have been found recently. When it doesn't find anything it sits there with the "busy" mouse pointer for ever - or at least until I click "stop".

I have done some google research - and the ubuntu community describe similar problem behaviour when "tracker" and/or "indexing" is disabled.

I haven't found any way to disable or enable either tracker or Indexing - so I assume these are not part of the Centos distribution.

Can anyone throw any light on this problem? Am I misinterpreting how the search should behave? Have I got something set incorrectly? Do I need to install or enable some indexing function? Is the distributed build of Nautilus expecting some functionality which isn't installed on my system?



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