Cursor theme

Is there a particular GNOME component responsible for changing the
default mouse cursor when the Gtk/CursorTheme* xsettings change? I've
looked at the code for gnome-control-center and gnome-settings-daemon;
all they do is change the xsettings when the user changes the theme, but
it only works properly in a full GNOME environment.

I've updated ROX-Session to use the Gtk/CursorTheme* xsettings, but it
doesn't work on the default cursor shape. It only works on shapes such
as the insert caret, pointing hand (as used for URLs etc) and window
borders (provided the winodw manager uses GTK). The standard pointer
shape remains unaffected.

Even if I disable ROX-Session's xsettings manager and use
gnome-settings-daemon I get the same problem, so I'm deducing there's
something else in GNOME that's responsible for the standard pointer.

Does anyone know about this?

TH *

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