Dell Inspiron 1521 - volume controls configuration


Although I had some problems, I have managed to get the sound working in
Debian/GNOME on my Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop.

However, I don't know how to adjust the sound using the laptop's control
keys. (sound on/off, increase/decrese volume).

When I push the increase/decrease volume button a small volume window
appears on the screen reacting to my actions. However, there an
increase/decrease in the 'Capture' bar from the Recording Menu in the
Mixer (Volume Control)

Can someone give me a hint on how I can "map" the volume controls with
the 'Master' bar in the mixer (the one that is actually used for
increasing/decreasing the volume)?

I've read some posts about using xkeybindings. However, that will only
help me on mapping _key_ combinations, not laptop control buttons.


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