Open file dialog improvements

	This e-mail may not be very pleasant, but since I am affected very much by 
some Gtk decissions I have to complain and hope for a nice reply and 
	Please include the following features in the Gtk open file dialog:
-an addres bar
-an option to view the thumbnails
-some basic file editing methods (mainly delete and rename).

1.An address bar is very useful when you have the address (or a part of it) of 
a deep directory/file. It also helps you have more exact idea of where you 
are than the bread crumb method.

2.An option to view the thumbnails helps very much when selecting a picture 
with programs like Gimp and gaim; when selecting a font with VLC.

3.The rename and edit functionalities are also very useful, for example when 
making more versions of a file (a drawing for example), and when you save the 
one you feel is the best you have the oportunity to delete the other ones. 
Another thing is when creating more files with the same pattern and you 
decide for a standard name and are able to rename all the others to respect 
the name convention.

The lacking of feature number 1 is the reason I switched from Gimp to Krita 
for my extremely simple drawings. Because of this I started hating Gtk/Gnome: 
if the toolkit to have such bad ideas never existed the programs had to use 
some user friendly solutions :).

Here is a link to a screenshot I took and posted on a forum.
It depicts the hastle of choosing a picture for a buddy icon with Gaim, 
choosing a font with VLC and the standard dialog from Kate, which I could 
even convince to sort and show thumbnails (though it is a text editor). For 
the people who understand Romanian, the language will seem very impolite, 
because it expresses my frustrations of trying to use some programs I really 
like, and having to drop them because of the dialogs.

Thank you very much.


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