Re: gnome-list Digest, Vol 41, Issue 3

Hello Renato,

On 06/09/2007, Renato Gallo < theadmiralsarms katamail com> wrote:
cannot open display is usually a problem generated by a bad setup in the
DISPLAY environment variable... does X starts ? what is the output of
echo $DISPLAY   ? can you paste the errors you are talking about ?

 [graeme barney ~]$ echo %DISPLAY
[graeme barney ~]$

There are a heap of errors in .xsession-errors but they change each time I try and load gnome. They mean absolutely nothing to me I'm afraid.

I don't get any errors, apart from .xsession-errors, X loads and runs OK. Gnome loads, even the two apps started by my .bash_profile file load (And they work just fine) but no panel and no response to any mouse clicks or keyboard inputs.  Others have guided me and I now believe that one of the .* config files is in error, but which one I do not know. They all look just fine and are the same as those created for a new user. Creating a new user works just fine. Changing from gnome to KDE as my desktop environment instead of gnome works just fine for my user name.

It appears that I have two options if I don't want to delve deeper into the problem.

1. I can stick with KDE. There is absolutely nothing wrong with KDE. It is just that I have been a gnome user since the days of RedHat 6 and I am used to it. On the other hand I run a lot of very useful KDE apps.
2. I can create a new user and copy all my files to that user's home directory ( # usermod -l graeme -c Graeme -m -d /home/Graeme )

Either of the above is easy but I don't learn much about this weird gnome problem. Browsing the Fedora list archives reveals that I am not the only one experiencing this problem after upgrading from FC6 to FC7 using the distribution DVD. And no one on that list has come up with the solution or the cause :-(

Thanks for taking the time to try and assist me. I appreciate it. I would also like to thank Bruce and Ritesh for their help.

If I manage to come across what caused this I will let this list know.


Kind Regards,


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