Re: Stop new window from grabbing focus

On 26 Oct 2007, at 20:55, Jeffery Small wrote:

I'm using Sun's JDS-3 which I believe is based upon gnome 2.6. When a new window is displated it is grabbing the focus, which is really disruptive to current work. Is there a way to disable this so that focus remains in the
current window?

This was standard behaviour of metacity in those days, which wasn't fixed until some time later (GNOME 2.10, I think)-- see http://

You don't say whether you're using the Linux or Solaris version of JDS3... if it's the Linux version, which was based on SuSE, you might try to track down a newer metacity package and see if it will install (IIRC SuSE 8.2 packages worked best on JDS3). I doubt it will install without upgrading some other dependencies as well, though, which could get messy.


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