Can't edit menu items

Ubuntu Feisty amd64, completely up to date.

You can right-click on Applications in the panel and bring up the menu
editor. It was always clunky in the past, but now it seems to be
completely broken.

I am trying to add Adobe Reader 8.1 (just released). I want it under
Applications > Graphics. There is an Applications > Debian folder, but
I have always had it completely unchecked so it does not appear. In the
menu editor I selected Applications > Graphics and then New Item. I
proceeded to add the item, but it did not appear in Applications >
Graphics. After trying this several times I discovered that it was
putting the menu item in Applications > Debian > Apps > Graphics. I
tried dragging it into Applications > Graphics, and it appears there in
the menu editor, but it does not display in the dropdown menu.

Has anyone else had this experience? Is there another utility to edit
the menu items?

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