gnome fail-safe message

I've been doing new installs of RedHat Enterprise Linux WS4U5 to a number of systems.
When they finish my /etc/issue shows this.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS release 4 (Nahant Update 5)

When I log in as root(or any user for that matter) to the gnome gui, I
get a little pop up box that says:

"Cannot find or run the base session script, will try the gnome failsafe
session for you."

I hit the ok button and another pop up box displays.

"This is the fail-safe gnome session. You will be logged in to the
'Default' of gnome with no startup scripts".

Then the normal log in screens appear and eventually I get what I think
is the normal look and feel for what I expect as root.  If I try to make
changes to this and try to "save the current session" when I log out,
the save does not take, and I get the above two messages again when I
next log in.

When a regular user logs in they also get the above two pop-ups, and
then  they do not get a default look and feel, but they get their
personalized gnome look and feel that they see when they log one of our
WS3 systems.

What configuration setting am I missing that sets/enables/disables the
gnome base startup scripts?



Roger A. Katz  [ rak bnl gov ]          CAD Controls Division Bldg 911 C
(631) 344-2732 fax (631) 344-5443      Brookhaven National Laboratory
                                      Upton, N.Y. 11973-5000

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