Email not converted/convertible from Netscape

I originally started using the Gnome Emailer under CentOS 4.4 (not
sure which version of gnome that was), and I had a problem converting
from Netscape to Gnome email.  I was actually running Outlook under
Windows (yecch) and converted all that email to Netscape format, then
tried to convert to Gnome email.

The Gnome emailer did not recognize my Netscape email at all, so I had
to convert each folder individually.  Problem is, there are a number
of Netscape emails in many of my folders that were (I think)
compressed into other files that the Gnome emailer did not handle.  As
a result, I am missing a fair number of older emails in Gnome that I
have to use Netscape to access (double yecch).

I have installed CentOS 5.0, which comes with Gnome 2.16.0.  Is the
emailer in this version of gnome smarter, as in can it import the
compressed Netscape email files?  I haven't tried it yet (didn't think
about it until just now), and the system is at home.  Just

Mark Hull-Richter
DATAllegro (
85 Enterprise, Second Floor, Aliso Viejo, CA  92656
949-680-3082 - Office     949-680-3001 - fax

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