To whoever ..
I have just brought up a gnome 2.18.x.40 on BWlinux x86_64 compiled on a fully rebuilt GSB directory .

I have apparently built a fully functional gstreamer set 0.10.x (other functions appear to be present , dependent upon this code ) .

The goobox claims to work with any gstreamer past 0.8.x but apparently requires a larger selection of individual components than gstreamer now encompasses .

Is there another copy of gstreamer that might work with kernel 2.6 series glib 336 or a copy of goobox to use the current incarnation of gstreamer ?

If this mail is in the wrong place can you redirect me to the correct mailing list ?

Is there a current slackware list or is the email address for it just cruft on the server due to lack of interest ?

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