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I get the same sort of behavior when doing system updates (running pup on FC6). The update task, one or two windows, shows up on all workspaces. I just assumed is was something deemed so important that I should be aware of it no matter what I was doing. It really doesn't seem such a big deal.

Jim Hartley

Allan Gottlieb wrote:
At Wed, 27 Jun 2007 12:05:31 +0300 Idome <idome tut by> wrote:

Hi All.

I have a small problem:

1. I open workspace #1 and open (for-example, any application have the same
behavior) browser there. In the panel
   in the bottom small window is appear. (See screenshot #1)
2. Then I switch to workspace #2 (using Hot Key) and open there some
applicatoins. (See screenshot #2)
3. Then I switch back to workspace #1 where ONLY browser was opened, but
here I see fashing window from workspace #2.
   (See screenshot #3).

I'm using 2.18 sid Gnome edition. My panel has options "Never Group

Does anybody know how to resolve such broblem and what does flashing window

The "window list" panel applet has an option to either show
* windows from current workspace
* windows from all workspaces

Sounds like you have the latter set.

To change it right click on the think vertical bar to the left of the
leftmost listed window (for screenshot 1 it is to the left of
mozilla-firefox) and select preferences.

I believe the flashing indicates that some activity has occurred in
that window, but I am not sure.

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