Quick gripe about gedit key bindings

The keyboard shortcut for switching between documents in gedit is CTRL
+ALT+PAGEUP/DOWN compared to the standard CTRL+PAGEUP/DOWN across the
rest of the Gnome tabbed interface UI.
Consistency please?
It's not a big change and the only problem I can see is that something
else may be bound to that, and even then, you should switch the keys as
switching documents should take precedence over whatever else may be
using that spot (I mean, if it's more important than switching
documents, surely I should know what it binds to?).

If this email should be forwarded to some developer list or some other
place so that the right people may be informed then can someone more
knowledgeable about the 'correct' place please forward this?

Gustav van der Merwe <gvdm paradise net nz>

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