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Miguel Pires da Rosa pisze:
Hello there,

I'm sorry if I may seem a bit arrogant - coming here to ask of you to make gnome work my way - but I think Gnome needs a simple feature: to have the possibility to be warned when I'm about to shutdown or logout from the system.

A solution would be, when the shutdown/suspend/whatever appeared, there would be, side-by-side, a little table with the open applications, just to show the user he hasn't closed them yet.

This would prevent shutting down my laptop while I was downloading something with Deluge or editing a document with Abiword hence not losing any work.

Thank you all for a wonderful Gnome:)

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Yes, i agree ! This is stupd, that when i click by incident in suspend button (I want clikc logout button), there isn't any warninbg, that system willbe sespended. Of corse, i never get my system back, when it is suspended ....

I use Fedora 7


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