Gnome keyboard and panel applet problems

Recently I started having keyboard problems. I got the keyboard error dialog when logging in and several keys were disabled until I changed the keyboard preferences. I noticed that if I logged in as a different user the problem did not occur. I tried to find the offending setting but finally gave up (no help on the web either). So I deleted my .gconf dir and logged back in. No more keyboard problems but now the battery stat applet displays the colors incorrectly (when fully charged the green color just fills the lower end of the battery icon). Again this only happens for the one user. Anyone know how to fix this short of dleteing the user and starting from scratch?

Using gnome 2.12.1 from Fedora Core 4 (yea I know that's old but this is the choice of m,y employer) No recent updates that I know of is there a way to see a list of updates and when they were done?


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