Can window decorations be removed?

I want to run an application and not have display in a normal window
-- that is a window without window decorations (window border,

I also don't want it to show up in the panel task bar.

This was possible in IceWM setting window options, for example:

    gbuffy.Gbuffy.icon: navigator
    gbuffy.Gbuffy.dTitleBar: 0
    gbuffy.Gbuffy.dBorder: 0
    gbuffy.Gbuffy.ignoreTaskBar: 1 
    gbuffy.Gbuffy.allWorkspaces: 1
    gbuffy.Gbuffy.layer: OnTop

I assume Gnome and Metacity is a more advanced DE/WM so it would be


Bill Moseley
moseley hank org

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