Nautilus Samba behavior

I have a share on a samba server that I can view and download fine with smbclient, however nautilus says the folder can not be found and "perhaps its been deleted".  I have tried all of my usual troubleshooting tricks like checking all related samba logs,  and I can't figure out why nautilus acts different from smbclient.  Nautilus only fails on this one specific share and not on other samba shares on this server.  I even tried using wireshark to sniff the packets.  Wireshark shows a smb permission error, which does not appear in any of the logs.  Both nautilus and smbclient are run by the same user on the local machine.

My question is, what does nautilus do differently from "smbclient -N" when communicating with samba servers that may cause this?

Brian Phelps
System Design Engineer
Custom Light and Sound

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