Confusing keyboard warning

On a particular Fedora Core 7 machine when I log in and choose a GNOME [2.18]
session (which to be honest I usually don't), it says:

  The X system keyboard settings differ from your
  current GNOME keyboard settings.

  Expected was model "generic", layout "us" and no options, but
  the the following settings were found: model "pc105", layout
  "gb" and no options.

  Which set would you like to use?

         [ ] Do not show this message again

                [Use X Settings]  [Keep GNOME settings]

There are three things wrong with this warning.

 (a) The double "the" on the middle line.

 (b) This message doesn't actually tell me which one is X's setting and
     which one is GNOME's, so now I have no idea which button to press,
     and which setting I have to fix once I get past the warning.

 (c) In fact I get the correct gb layout whichever button I press,
     and checking up on both X and GNOME seems to reveal that they
     are both set to "gb", so I have no idea where this popup is
     getting its information from.

Now sure I could tick "Do not show this message again" but that's
only addressing the symptom and not the root cause.

So what could the root cause be?


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