Re: Cleaning up thumbnails


Peter L. Berghold wrote:
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Robert Moskowitz wrote:
find ~/.thumbnails -type f -atime +30 -exec rm {} \;

If I dissect what you are putting together here what I see is you are
asking find to locate all normal files whose **accessed time** is
greater than 30 days.

Is it possible than they have all been accessed within the last 30 days?
I did a man find, and thunked back a few hours. Ooops. I had looked at that directory with Nautilus. Even though only some of the files showed in the viewing window, they were all touched.

So to start I did a -mtime +30 and took the directory down to ~1700 files. Now I will set up a cron with the -atime +30 and be good, and not look into the directory with Nautilus.

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