Just a couple of clicks, but ...


I am trying to set up my context menu (right-click) so that it creates a
new document the way I want.

In my /home/user/Templates file I have 4 templates: 1) OOCalc.ods --
open with "SpreadSheet", 2) Text -- open with "Gedit", 3) OOW.odt --
Opens with "Gedit", 4) Emacs -- Opens with "Gedit".  The first two
templates open the way I want, however the last two open with the wrong
application or require that after I have created the file icon, I
re-click the context menu; choose the appropriate application; and then

I have not deeply studied the use of MIME types, but when I look at the
current MIME definitions I don't see any necessary changes.  Can someone
suggest how I can setup the OOW.odt template and the EMACS template so
they open in their own applications without changing the general "Plain
Text" -- 'Open with Gedit' ?

I am using Gnome 2.14.3 on Fedora Core 5.

Regards Bill

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