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On Wed, 2006-10-18 at 10:23 -0400, Ron Salyers wrote:
> In the documentation it says that the Crux window frame option loads 
> image files and can be slow on systems with limited resources.  It lists 
> Atlanta, Esco, AgingGorilla, Bright, and Metabox as other options.  I am 
> using Red Hat AS 4 and it defaults to Bluecurve.  Is this one going to 
> fall under the category of less resource intensive?  The machines I'm 
> configuring could have anywhere from 40 go 60 users with X sessions 
> running on it.  The machines are plenty powerful enough to handle this 
> many users, but I'm wondering if changing the theme from Bluecurve is 
> going to make a noticeable difference in performance to my users?
To test performance of a theme, checkout metacity-theme-viewer <theme>

	#  metacity-theme-viewer  Mist

> Thanks,
> Ron
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