Re: Configuring Gucharmap-gnome ??

On Mon, 27 Nov 2006 12:28:20 -0500
William Case <billlinux rogers com> dijo:

> Does anyone know how to go about configuring Gucharmap-gnome?
> I would like to set it up so that it always opens with 'Latin' Script
> and/or Unicode block sorted manually to reflect the most likely to be
> used unicode blocks first.  In addition, but not as important, I would
> like to change the default font, its format and size.

I had a similar request several months ago (I wanted it to come up
showing by Unicode block). There was some discussion about it, and I
discovered that there is no way to configure it the way it is. There is
also no other character map utility that has that functionality (I
tried several others). However, someone posted a method to fix
Gucharmap-gnome. I can't remember what the fix was because it was
complicated and I didn't understand enough about compiling and stuff
(relatively new to Linux). However, if you search the archives for this
mailing list you should be able to find the discussion. 

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