duplicate bug notifications / gnome-bugzilla spam


the Ubuntu folks have recently decided to not send mail from launchpad when another bug is marked as a dupe of a bug you're subscribed to. Can Gnome-Bugzilla be configured to behave similarly?

I have recently reported a crash of nautilus using bug buddy. Because bug reporting using the new bug buddy is so easy, this crash is reported very often. I now get a dozen mails per hour that inform me that another bug has been marked as a duplicate of mine - which is quite annoying. It was no problem for me to log into bugzilla and remove myself from the CC field - but not everybody knows how to log into that (or doesn't want to find out) and they probably don't know what CC means and what to look for to unsubscribe.
Nobody expects to receive so much spam after entering your email address in bug buddy. Can this be fixed?

   Kai Schroeder

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