About Gnome 2.14


I am very happy because Gnome now has:

-Little bit more stable Nautilus (Doesn't crash so often)
-Real folder address bar is back in action making it billion times
faster and easier to change between folders. (This is the point I would
like to thank especially. It's been pain in my ass in previous versions
where this functionality was removed. Thank god it is now back.)
-Faster startup
-Bit more intelligent places functionality. I might actually start using it.
-Desktop bar is great, I don't need gnome menus anymore that much.
-Disk drives are actually now on my desktop.
-two panels can now be close and work and look like one panel. (I could
ask why cannot one panel eat applets on two levels?)

 I still have couple suggestions:

-*make longer roadmaps and make them more challenging* by adding lots of
more features in future. And please make a deal like that every second 
stable Gnome release is a bug fixing cycle with no new features.
-make it more beautiful, it's already somewhat beautiful but not as nice
to theme as it could be. For example you could make Tango-icons a
default icon theme in future. But Tango still needs a lots of more
icons... Don't get me wrong, Clearlooks is a great theme but it looks
like too fat on some points. Some clear edges to buttons won't hurt.
It's got too much of bubble alike buttons and controls which are too big
on small screens. (>1024x768)
-make the logout like it was in previous version, this new 'logout-box'
and 'shutdown-box' is not as good. It's more intelligent to have a 'more
attention' by making background dark and make it a box which you have to
answer something. Ok the current box is topmost window of all but it's
not enough I think.
-Gnome still needs some serious tweaking in fonts, usability, themes,
etc... Ask yourself a question, why does Gnome default for Nautilus is
not to have a browser window? I think that most people will turn it on
anyway. Fonts are too big and look somewhat ugly and no, I don't mean
the AA. I mean readability. Use Arial or Helvetica or something like
that, rather free version of those if available. Makes things a lot of
more easier to read.
-Panel separators aren't that good of an idea. Old was bit better
although this is nicer and I like it almost as much. Why they cannot
have one by default and it could be disabled from some button in gnome
panel setup... KDE works like that way and I guess you absolutely have
to do it some otherway than what it would be most useful...
-Why DBus hates QT soooo much? xD

Thanks about this release.

-Antti Aspinen-
antti dot aspinen at phnet dot fi

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