WISHLIST: window list sorting behaviour?

can the next version of the window list panel applet (according to the
about box, i currently have 2.12.3 installed) have an option to disable
sorting of the window titles?

having them sorted is particularly annoying when, e.g., you have firefox
open with 20 or so windows, and every time you open a new ffox window or
click on a link so that the title changes, it shuffles the window list
around so you have to actually search for the window you're looking for
when you click on the "Firefox (20)" item in the panel.

if they were unsorted, i.e. if they stayed in order of window creation,
then i could just remember that e.g. my slashdot ff window was third
from the top, ebay 5th from the top, etc etc.


craig sanders <cas taz net au>           (part time cyborg)

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