Re: shell scripting enhancements

Thanks to everyone for the information.  I've been doing some reading based on what you've told me.  wmctrl is kind of what I was asking for, but it is the functionality that Devil's Pie offers that inspired my question.

Specifically, it was the functionality offered by KDE that inspired me.  I just switched from KDE.  It allows me to identify a window and give it certain properties whenever it opens.

I'm not in a rush to make this happen, so I'm leaning toward developing something myself.  It may be for no other reason than as a learning experience.

I have a lot of experience with Perl and I've skimmed through the CPAN page for Gtk2::api, which basically tells me to read the C API documentation.

I've also been seeking inspiration to learn Python so that I can complete my LAMPPP stack (the one in my head).  It looks like gnome-python/PyGTK has a lot of momentum and a strong community backing it up right now, so that would make it easier.

Whatever I do, I'll be sure to give it away.

Gtk2::api []

Thank you,
Vince Aggrippino

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