Re: shell scripting enhancements

On Fri, May 05, 2006 at 07:16:22PM +0800, Vincente Aggrippino wrote:
> Are there any utilities that would allow me to interact with Gnome, GTK, or
> the Metacity window manager from a shell script?
> For example, I may want to write a script that can read a list of the
> windows on each desktop and move one of them to another desktop.
> Is this already beyond shell scripting?  Can anyone make recommendations as
> to how I would get started with this type of window manipulation, etc...
> I imagine that I would begin with GTK.  I'm well-versed in Perl and I could
> probably find an appropriate module.
> Thank you,
>    Vince

Hello Vince,

if you are already familiar with perl, you should take a look into
perl's gtk modules.

The gnome-panel contains an applet named wnck-applet. This should give
you ideas on how to query the window list.  After that, you can send
"resize" signals to the windows to maximize them.
Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with gnome itself, so I don't know
how to mvoe a window to another desktop. Maybe there are hints in other
panel applets, like the desktop switcher.

Good luck on it, and don't forget to license it under GNU GPL and
publish it somewhere ;)


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