Re: Java classname shell completion in gnome-terminal

On Fri, 17 Mar 2006, Ikke wrote:

> > What is causing this, and how can I
> > get the tab-completion behaviour also on my home computer?
> This behaviour isnt brought to you by gnome-terminal, which is just a terminal and doesnt care what's typed inside of it (well, sort of).
> What you describe sounds like the use of a bunch of script called "bash-completion" (I assume you're using bash as shell).
> See You do need to source some files in some rc file to get this working... How to set this up depends on your distribution.

I must have the shells set up differently. If I ssh to my work computer
and use the login shell, it doesn't work, but if I start bash inside
the login shell, then it works. What is strange is that I upgraded my
home computer's bash to the newest version (newer than my on my work
computer), but it doesn't work there, even if I explicitly launch bash
from inside the gnome-terminal's shell. I guess I have to fetch the RPMs
from that page you mentioned and set up bash-completion on my home
computer. Then it becomes a bash matter instead of a Gnome one, so it
shouldn't be discussed on this list.

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