Java classname shell completion in gnome-terminal

I use a Linux computer both at home and at work, and I have Gnome
applications installed in both. At work, when I start a gnome-terminal,
I can complete Java classnames with the tab key, for example if I am in
a directory with subdirectories fi, fi/palaste, fi/palaste/test and a
classfile fi/palaste/test/, typing "java fi." and pressing tab
causes "java fi.palaste.test.Test" to appear.
Now this doesn't work on my home computer. Neither does it work if I
ssh from my home computer to my work computer. However, if I ssh to my
work computer and start a gnome-terminal there, X-forwarded to my home
desktop, *then* it works. "gnome-terminal --version" gives the exact
same version for both computers. What is causing this, and how can I
get the tab-completion behaviour also on my home computer?

/--Joona Palaste-------------------------------------------------------\
\----------------------------------------------palaste cc helsinki fi--/

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