Re: How to configure location of Desktop folder ?

I have established a directory, ".hidden", in my home directory.

But the "Desktop" directory re-appears in my home directory when I re-start the desktop.  I want to make that sucker go away!

Do I have to do anything special to ensure Nautilus will look in the directory ".hidden" to find its config data?

Thank you, Nelson.

Nelson Benítez wrote:
Bob Marcum wrote:


I certainly do thank you for spending your time to answer my call for help.  And I have found the setting in gconf-editor you described; I set it "on" and re-fired the desktop.

However, that does not solve my problem.  What that did was put an icon on my graphical desktop for every directory and file in my home directory.

Maybe you did not understand my question ... but I have the impression you can help me solve this problem so please hang in with me one more round.

You mentioned, "When .desktop became Desktop ...".  What I want to achieve, I guess, is to put it back the way it was.  I want the preferences repository to NOT be laying out in my home directory as a visible folder.  I want to be able to cause "Desktop" (in my home directory) to become .desktop (a hidden directory among so many other hidden directories in my home directory).  Can you tell me how to do that?  ... maybe with another option in gconf-editor?

I am very grateful for your willingness to help.  I think a lot of other folks would be grateful, too!

Nautilus also hides all files/folders listed in a special '.hidden' file
. So you could hide the Desktop dir with:

echo "Desktop" >> ~/.hidden

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