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I don't have a multiple user set-up so not sure if this is common or not: I know (like you) that sound is sometimes tricky.

To put some bugs in start by doing a search on to see if your bugs are already known.  If they aren't you can put some in.  I'm sure that the bugsquad team would appreciate any help you can offer particularly as your set-up sounds interesting.



On 1/16/06, Brandon Kuczenski <brandon 301south net> wrote:
I'm running Gnome 2.10.2 on a GNU/Linux system.  I have noticed a few
problems with tasks coordinated by gnome-volume-manager when running with
multiple users logged into different X displays simultaneously, when both
users are running Gnome.

For example: in that situation, if I put in an audio cd, gnome-cd starts
on both desktops.  It only starts playing on one desktop, but the other
process occupies all available CPU cycles until it's killed.  Because it
can lead to system instability, I consider this to be a relatively
critical bug.

Another example: when loading a DVD, it is unpredictable which desktop
will start totem to view the DVD.

Do these count as bugs? Is this being worked on? should I file a bug
report?  Is 2.12 going to be better?

I think the multiple-simultaneous-users feature is essential for Gnome to
help supplant Windows when the Vista upgrade cycle comes around, and I
want to assist in that project as much as I can.


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