Re: How to configure location of Desktop folder ?


In gconf-editor there is a setting to specify whether to use the Home directory or Desktop directory for nautilus.

It is under apps->nautilus->preferences called "desktop_is_home_dir"

When .desktop became Desktop I just symlinked the two together.



On 1/29/06, Bob Marcum <bmarcum houston rr com> wrote:

Todd Walton wrote:
> On 1/27/06, Bob Marcum <bmarcum houston rr com> wrote:
>>How may I configure the gnome "Desktop" directory to be somthing else ... as in .desktop??
> Oh, jeez yes.  Please tell me.
Are y'all saying this can't be done?!!  Say it isn't so!  That would be a cruel joke.

Can we hear from somebody authoritatively that this can or cannot be done?  Please.

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