Re: gdm not reading .bash_profile. Not even reading .xsession sometimes.

On 2/22/06, Steve George <slgeorge gmail com> wrote:
> > OK, this has been a FAQ for about five years
> > probably, but I'm used to .bash_profile
> > getting sourced when I log in, and having
> > those variables available in every shell thereafter --
> > even if I log in via gdm and the like.
>  Don't know if someone replied to this or not.


>  I don't know about standard start-up files but the way I do it is I have a
> small bash script that runs through the session manager.  Under Ubuntu this
> is in System->Preferences->Sessions.  There is a Startup Programs tabs where
> I list it.

It's nice that there's a gnome-specific way to do it,
but really there should be a way to do it
that *always works regardless of desktop environment
or lack thereof*.
- Dan

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