vino on a diffrent port?

Firstly, i'm sending this to the gnome-list but cc'ing the ubuntu-users
list, since thats the distro this is refering to.

is there any way/any plans for a way for a user to change the port vino
runs on? 

i have multiple pcs in my apt, running ubuntu in some form or another,
and would like to be able to get to them via vnc. but, can only forward
5900 to one pc. is there a way/ or are there plans to create a way in
vino to change the port number? 

we used to use x11vnc to do it for one of the other pcs, which user to
work fine but recently started not working for my roomate (not to many
details right now)

i'll be working on getting that back up and working, but i don't think
its unreasonable to be able to change the port vino runs on, even if it
involves editing a config/gconf.

thanks for all the help and keep up the great work on both gnome and

matthew nicholson
sjoeboo sjoeboo com

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