Spanish Keyboard Layout in GNOME

Hi everyone! I'm new to this list but I need to ask (what I hope is!) a simple question. Presently I'm running a RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) "clone" called CentOS 4.3 (the version corresponds to the same version as RedHat's product). When I installed the OS, I installed with the GNOME Desktop option.

I am so proud of how far GNOME has come! (I've been using RedHat since 4.3, though I had to dual boot with Windows for some time due to lack of word processing apps, etc.) I now use Linux (and have been using it) exclusively without needing Windows at all! My system is very stable and I have no problems with its functionality. When system boots, gdm takes over display and auto logs in (after a few seconds) a "general" user (though I have an account of my own).

What I'm having problems with is with the "Keyboard Indicator" applet: I need to use a keyboard that has accents (for Spanish work) and I added the applet to a panel to be able to change to the appropriate keyboard. I managed to add a Spanish layout from the list. I can even switch to the layout and the "dead keys" work. But when I type the letter after the dead key, it appears unaccented. The keyboard layout (in the applet list) is called "Spanish Sun dead keys".

What's really strange is that the keyboard layout called "U.S. English International (with dead keys)" does provide letters with accents (using the appropriate dead keys). Can anyone tell me how I might get a Spanish keyboard layout that works (I'm kinda used to using the actual "Spanish" layout in a "Spanish" keyboard)? Anyone has any ideas/explanations? Thanks so much.

Jose Alburquerque

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