gconf fails with whitespaces

Hi all,

I'd like to come back to gnome and hope to do so with
the release of 2.12. 

Upgrading my 2.4 gnome installation to 2.8 on a linux
box left me in trouble. The box is a terminal server
in a school. The box uses winbind and pam to auth
against an NT 4 server. The NT 4 server admin created
550 users with whitepaces in the usernames. All was
well with gnome 2.4, but gconf got fussy about this
sort of thing somewhere around 2.6 or 2.8 and thus
renders all users with whitespaces unable to get a
functional gnome sessions. Users *without* whitespaces
can log in fine, authing fine from the NT server.

So... Does anyone have a clue if 2.12 gets round this.
Or if there are any plans to? I filed a bug about a
year ago against 2.8, but it appears very quiet

Thanks for your time. Comments and insights much

Matt Johnson

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