Re: How to upgrade to a newer version of GNOME?

В Ср , 2005-09-07 в 02:06 -0500, samuel cheung написа:
> Hi,
> I am new to GNOME. I have an old version of GNOME with my red hat
> distribution. 
> Can you please tell me how to upgrade it to the latest version of
> Where can I find instructions?
> Thank you.

First, what do you mean with "old version"?Tell us exactly what version
do you have.
Second..Red Hat or Fedora Core?
Third...the oldest free RH versions or RHEL?
Fourth...If RHEL - go to Red Hat, Inc fo support.If Fedora, or the old
RH versions...wich version?!
Thank you.

Luchezar P. Petkov <luchezar petkov gmail com>

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