Re: Question on migration of GNOME desktop from 1.4 -> 2.6

Yes, there are .gnome and .gnome2 directories.
You won't loose(a lot of) your data.

В Mon, 2005-10-31 в 13:58 -0800, Sriram Ramkrishna написа:
> I have a question regarding desktop migrations from old 1.4 GNOME
> to 2.6 or higher.
> Are the relative areas where 1.4 apps and their 2.0 apps store their config areas distinct?  I have a situation where people who
> use the GNOME desktop may switch back and forth between GNOME 1.4
> and GNOME 2.6 and we want to preserve their environment for each one.
> Meaning if you use a 1.4 GNOME in one machine and then move to a
> 2.0 env and then go back to 1.4 nothing should change.  KDE has
> this notion of KDE_HOME environment variable where you could point
> it say at .kde-1.1 and then .kde-3.0 and be able to switch back
> and forth depending on what machine you're in.
> Do we have something similar?  I'm thinking apps that are part of the
> GNOME release.  (Of course thats hard to do considering we didn't
> have a notion of releases back in the 1.4 days)
> sri

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