Question on migration of GNOME desktop from 1.4 -> 2.6

I have a question regarding desktop migrations from old 1.4 GNOME
to 2.6 or higher.

Are the relative areas where 1.4 apps and their 2.0 apps store their config areas distinct?  I have a situation where people who
use the GNOME desktop may switch back and forth between GNOME 1.4
and GNOME 2.6 and we want to preserve their environment for each one.

Meaning if you use a 1.4 GNOME in one machine and then move to a
2.0 env and then go back to 1.4 nothing should change.  KDE has
this notion of KDE_HOME environment variable where you could point
it say at .kde-1.1 and then .kde-3.0 and be able to switch back
and forth depending on what machine you're in.

Do we have something similar?  I'm thinking apps that are part of the
GNOME release.  (Of course thats hard to do considering we didn't
have a notion of releases back in the 1.4 days)


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