Re: Broke my Gnome, Need Help

usually, there are two ways to start your gnome desktop,
1, at system start, gdm or xdm will automatically run,
2, type `startx' as a normal user from one of your virtual console

if it used to start gui automatically, but now it doest, then the
first thing that maybe broken is your X system, look at your system
log dir, if `XFree86.0.log' exists, read it.

the latter case, you want to check ~/.xsessionerrors for some useful message.

On 10/27/05, Scott <harview montana com> wrote:
> Apparently nobody on this list can be of help to me. Could anyone
> please tell me of a list where I would be more likely to receive a
> response to my post of the 24th? Thanks.
> Scott Swanson
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