Re: gnome-terminal and function key definitions

On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 09:23:13AM +1300, Sean Oughton wrote:
> 1.
> Google shows a few posts asking about doing the gnome-terminal
> equivalent of the xterm key overrides via the .Xdefaults commands:

Edit->Keyboard shortcuts. Not everything is possible. There are some
bugs with more info about changing shortcuts that are not in that

> 2.
> Under fvwm I can customize the function of the maximize icon on the
> titlebar of any window so that it maximizes to whatever percentage of
> the screen I want.
> (80% of vertical with no change in the horizontal is very convenient for
> terminals).

You cannot with the metacity window manager. You can have a keyboard
shortcut to maximize vertically / horizontally, but that is not
percentage based (Desktop->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts).


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