Re: working in an environment with LOTS of open windows

Steve Prior escribió:
I've been playing around a little with gnome-terminal windows and have questions about how they become "stacked" in the toolbar when a lot of them are open:

1. Is it possible to tell the taskbar how many of them can be opened before they are stacked? I'd like to reduce this number very low (stack them as soon as a second one is opened).

I think there are gconf keys for that and also a gui to modify them in the panel properties (right click on a blank space of panel and go to preferences/properties sorry I'm not on linux right now) if I remember well you can tell it whether to stack them or not, or begin to stack them when there are N instances of the program.

2. Since the taskbar only stacks the same program (xterm windows are stacked together, gnome-terminal windows are stacked in their own pile),
is it possible to launch for example two gnome-terminals with their own
"stacking ids" which would put them in different piles on the taskbar?

You could try to achieve that by making hard links of the gnome-terminal binary, so when you launch them they are treated as different applications and so having separate stacks on the panel.

If I can do both of these things then I could easily set up different stacks of terminal windows - one each for development, production, database, and then each stack would have lots of windows for each.

Try with making hard links for each type as I said before...

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