Re: [kde-linux] Gnome Apps forget theme in a KDE session

Lasse Liehu wrote:
Steven Pasternak kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika torstai, 26. toukokuuta 
2005 19:17):
Hi! I use mandrake 2005le, and I have the gtk-qt engine installed. When
I open firefox/thunderbird/any other gtk app in a kde session, it
doesn't have the theme set right, but the ugly default theme. If I open
the gnome-control-center and open 'themes' or just type
'gnome-theme-manager', it adjusts the theme automatically and it is set
right for the rest of the session.
I used 'gnome-themes-daemon' command to change GNOME applications to use theme 
that is specified in GNOME control center.
    And to start it autom. at KDE startup, I linked it to 
$HOME/.kde/Autostart/. But I think you can link gnome-theme-manager to this 
folder. I used symbolic link.

There is no such thing that I could find. It wasn't installed, nor was it found on any rpm search, even for distros as old as mandrake 7.x. In the process manager, there is sometimes a process named 'gnome-settings-daemon', but I can never find its executable either!

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