Gnome Apps forget theme in a KDE session

Hi! I use mandrake 2005le, and I have the gtk-qt engine installed. When I open firefox/thunderbird/any other gtk app in a kde session, it doesn't have the theme set right, but the ugly default theme. If I open the gnome-control-center and open 'themes' or just type 'gnome-theme-manager', it adjusts the theme automatically and it is set right for the rest of the session. It has done this before, on SuSE 9.1 which uses kde 3.2.1, gnome 2.4.x and gtk 2.2.x. Mandrake 2005 has KDE 3.3.2, gnome 2.8.3 and gtk 2.6.4. It seems like either a kde or a gnome thing. How do I fix this? Thanks!

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